• 4-MPD

    What is 4-MPD? 4-MPD is short for 4-Methylpentedrone. 4-MPD is a research chemical that falls into the cathinone class. 4-MPD is very similar to 4-MMC in chemical structure.

    $15.00  /  0.00035 Ƀ
  • 4-CMC

    What is 4-CMC? 4-CMC is short for 4-Chloromethcathinone. 4-CMC falls into the cathinone class of chemicals. It is a stimulant. This research chemical is very new to the market.

    $18.00  /  0.00042 Ƀ
  • 4-CL-PVP

    What is 4-CL-PVP? 4-CL-PVP is a crystalline analogue of a-PVP. It is a textbook stimulant. Research experiments with 4-CL-PVP tend to produce findings of talkativeness.

    $5.00  /  0.00012 Ƀ
  • 3-MMC HCL

    What is 3-MMC? 3-MMC stands for 3-Methylmethcathinone. 3-MMC has been shown to have strong stimulating results during many experiments.

    $8.00  /  0.00019 Ƀ
  • SGT-263

    What is SGT-263? SGT-263 is a new synthetic cannabinoid that has only been around since 2016. This research chemical is a potent agonist of the CB1 and CB2 receptors.

    $8.00  /  0.00019 Ƀ
  • SGT-25

    What is SGT-25?   SGT-25 is a synthetic cannabinoid that is also known as 5F-Cumyl-Pinaca. This research chemical is very similar to 5-fluoro AB-PINACA and Cymil-4C-Bi.

    $23.00  /  0.00053 Ƀ
  • SDB-005

    What is SDB-005? SDB-005 is an indazole-based research chemical that has developed a positive reputation in the research chemical world.

    $7.00  /  0.00016 Ƀ
  • NM-2201

    What is NM-2201? NM-2201 is a research chemical that falls under the cannabinoid chemical class. This research chemical is new to the market, but has already been getting rave reviews.

    $17.00  /  0.00039 Ƀ
  • Herbal Resin

    What is Herbal Resin?   Herbal Resin is a research chemical that is a combination of plant resins and a synthetic cannabinoid. Herbal resin provides a research experience.

    $7.50  /  0.00017 Ƀ
  • Herbal Incense

    What is Herbal-Incense?   Herbal-Incense is a blend of several cannabinoid research chemicals combined into one substance. We use marshmallow leaves as a carrying substance.

    $15.00  /  0.00035 Ƀ

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